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A children’s book about a fox stalking a chicken! What’s so funny about that? It’s hilarious because he is utterly unsuccessful with each pounce ending up in a “slapstick” disaster! Meanwhile, Rosie the hen, is calmly enjoying her stroll through the barnyard totally oblivious that the fox is trying to catch her to eat her! Understanding the science of the predator vs. the prey, enables the reader to laugh at the fox and cheer on Rosie. We as readers, are having so much fun with the storyline, that we might be unaware ourselves, of all the science, math and language the clever author/illustrator, Pat Hutchins, incorporates - positional words, cause and effect, simple machines and page after page of repeated patterned illustrations! No wonder this literary gem is celebrating a half century of popularity!

BOOK: Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins

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