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Product Care

To make your collection of Artfelt Puppets, Pieces and Props last a lifetime, please use the following guidelines.

Store them flat:
   Keeping them flat during storage prevents tweaking, crimping, folding or curling.
   Flat puppets, pieces and props work better on the felt board (flannel board)
   When stored flat, they take up less space and are easier to see and access! 
   See Felt Set
s Libraries for example of a great storage and access method!
Store them in plastic:
   Protects them from moisture, dust and dirt.
   Prevents wool moths from laying their eggs in the wool felt.

   Provides easy access such as these Felt Sets Libraries
   Press with a dry iron to flatten if needed. (Avoid the plastic googly eyes)

Plastic storage ideas:
   Keep your storytelling tools organized and accessible! If they aren’t, sadly, you will rarely use them!
   Use our Zippered Vinyl Pouches (7.5 mil) A standard zip-lock is 1.5 mil. A freezer zip-lock is 3 mil)
   Use any zip-lock or any re-sealable plastic bags.  Artfelt products come in such bags. (4 mil)
   Use plastic lidded bins. If you have a large collection, invest in a see-through lidded bin. for storing.

Keep them clean:
   Use with freshly washed hands.
   Use masking tape to de-lint or remove debris.

   Wool felt should not be washed in water. Wipe with a DAMP cloth if needed. 
   You can use a portable UV sanitizer wand for sterilization ($30) 
   Ironing with a dry iron will also sterilize them, avoid googly eyes.

Store with their relevant literature:
   Rhyme & curriculum pages fit into our Vinyl Sheet ProtectorsZippered Vinyl Pouches (both 7.5 mil)
   Many books also fit into our Zippered Vinyl Pouches.
   Many literature options also fit into larger zip-lock/re-sealable bags.

Repair instructions:
   In case a repair is needed, use Elmer’s Glue or Aleene’s Tacky Glue - and heat with dry iron at 400̊ F.
   If a googly eye falls off, use Testor’s Plastic Cement (model glue) and press under a book until dry.
   Please do not use
 hot glue! Hot glue is too heavy and gloppy. 

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