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Artfelt Puppets, Pieces & Props Mission Statement

        We endeavor to ignite a love of learning in the hearts and minds of every child.  Therefore, we know it’s essential to inspire you - the parents, guardians, educators, childcare providers, librarians, therapists, storytellers and any who are called to such a role.  We are driven to maintain the highest quality standards in manufacturing, materials and design.  The Artfelt Team will always continue our own education to stay current with new research, brilliant literature and classroom needs as we carefully develop and expand our educational storytelling product line.

      Artfelt puppets, pieces and props stir the imagination! When partnered with books, stories, rhymes, songs and a high quality felt board, they provide visual, tactile, dynamic and multi-use approaches which build language skills and enhance literacy through math, science, music, art and social/emotional curriculum. Creating interactive, multi-sensory storytime experiences, makes it possible to fully engage learners of every age, stage, learning type, and diversity. 

     We operate with the understanding that the more successful you are at teaching through storytelling, the more likely you will be to practice this time-tested engagement strategy of early childhood development.  We all know that the connections made during storytime are precious and so vital to early development, self-regulation, creativity and cognitive processes. This is why we are    proud to say that Artfelt Puppets, Pieces & Props has been helping to enrich your storytelling experiences since 1988. 

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