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Ed Emberley provides us with endless creative fun working in this math-based art book. Using a circle and fractions of that circle, we learn about art, patterning, spatial relationships, geometry, fractions and more. There is no limit to what can be created with the equally divided parts of a circle! As artists, we are fascinated by what we can recreate from the book and what we can imagine on our own. As mathematicians, we are determined to repeat and extend the patterns and designs. As engineers, we are eager to design and build new structures out of the shapes. As computer programers, we recognize the repeated patterns as the basis for coding. With very few words, this book takes us on an open-ended journey starting with a circle, it’s halves, quarters and eighths. Then we continue on through simple, complex, repeating and closed patterns and end up in a world of plants and animals. Meanwhile, the entire time, we are learning how to think about space and objects in space. This book helps us enhance our understanding of relationships between and within spatial structures!

BOOK: Picture Pie

SKU: 315-B
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