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Can you remember hiding in your first cardboard box-fort? Creating one’s own “world” with a cardboard box is a childhood tradition! Our imaginations are wonderful and limitless as illustrated page after page by Rabbit in this award winning picture book, Not A Box. Author/illustrator, Antoinette Portis brilliantly uses simple line drawings and 4 basic colors with emergent reader text. She has created an Outside Questioner found speaking on beige colored pages. What he “sees with his eyes” is depicted in black and white. Rabbit is speaking on the bright red pages and what Rabbit “sees with his mind” is illustrated in red and white. The Outside Questioner repeatedly inquires as to what Rabbit is doing with the box. Rabbit repeatedly insists it’s not a box, instead it’s a race car, a mountain, a building on fire, etc. Rabbit is increasingly annoyed by the intrusion as he enjoys BEING the race car driver, the mountain climber and the fire fighter! This book gives the reader a lot to THINK and IMAGINE about - just like Rabbit sitting in the classic thinking pose on top of his next . . ?

BOOK: Not A Box by Antoinette Portis

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