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"A Kid's Guide to Man's Best Friend"

Don’t we all understand others’ feelings best as they relate to us? Lisa Wiehebrink, author of Love Me Gently, brilliantly demonstrates this social/emotional dynamic when Henry, a little boy, repeats over and over that Cooper, the new puppy in his life, is “just like me”. She presents puppy care scenarios with straight forward do’s and don’ts. But, she does it in sweet story format accented with uncluttered, adorable illustrations by Eleanor Harbison. This book is great for a read-aloud and for the emergent reader! It has several repetitive phrases, but the two, [that might hurt] and [that makes him happy] create an irresistible chime-in for the pre-reader and the ideal repetitive word familiarity for the beginning reader. This unique puppy-care manual should accompany all pet adoptions. There is much to learn for both children and adults! Find out more at

BOOK: Love Me Gently by Lisa Wiehebrink

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