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Through the power of story, Dr. Sally Hodson takes us on a journey swimming with wild orcas! The writing and illustrations by Ann Jones paint vivid pictures of all that Granny’s Clan does as a family. From the birth of a new baby to a grand superpod reunion, we come to understand and love these majestic creatures. During a salmon hunt we explore the sea’s many life forms, as well as encounter a variety of sea vessels! The writing is full of onomatopoeia, positional words, descriptive words, ocean activity and so much orca science. As most good stories do, this one takes us from the edge of danger to a beautiful moving finish that leaves us hopeful for the future of people’s respectful relationship with Orcas and nature as a whole. Then, we discover- it’s non-fiction! For the last 40 yrs., a team of scientists, including Dr. Sally Hodson, have been observing and documenting the real Granny’s Clan in the Salish Sea off the coast of the state of Washington. What a special book!

BOOK: Granny's Clan by Dr. Sally Hodson

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