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  • Get ready to do some rubbin’ and glubbin’ with this ever-so-popular, repetitive, interactive rhyme in English and Spanish.
  • Whether chanted or sung, this rhythmic, rhyming gem will provide much needed music and movement to circle time.
  • Counting backward from 5, the children can visually see all the compositions of 5 as you jump each frog from the log to the pool.
  • Practice subitizing as learners call out the number of frogs they see.
  • Build fluency in operations within 5
  • Studying a pond biome this year? Remember to kick it off with this classic as well as the other included rhymes full of frog science.
  • Why do frogs need to stay cool? How do they catch the bugs?  What? They were once pollywogs with no legs?
  • Have you met Lucas Miller, the “singing zoologist”? Treat everyone to his wowing videos and songs on YouTube. Here is the link to his tadpole to frog metamorphosis

Five Green Speckled Frogs

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