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  • This is a show-stopper! Inspire wonder as you change the white mice into different colors in a magical demonstration of color mixing.
  • The red, yellow and blue strips, included in the set, wrap around your “paint can” of choice - empty paint or formula cans are great. What ever vessel you use, make sure your hand fits into it.
  • Provide a visual demonstration of camouflage as the story begins when the white mice disappear on the white felt!
  • Find the color mixing rhyme on the package and on the Resource Pages by Ilo Orleans. Using multiple media to present a concept is a California Common Core Standard.
  • Mice are common throughout children’s literature. These 9 mice can begin or augment your collection. Type Mice or Colors in the SEARCH field for more stories!
  • These are the same colored mice in the book, Seven Blind Mice. All you need is the # 60 Elephant Felt-board Puzzle. See Related Items.
  • Be sure to follow up with a hands-on color mixing activity of your choice.
  • To make sure every learner knows their colors, before teaching color mixing, use set # 462 So many Fish to help with color identification.

Finger Puppets and Props for: Mouse Paint

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