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  • Owl Mother hunts at night leaving her owl babies alone and in this story they worry about her return.
  • Separation anxiety is real and this book will surely help children cope.
  • With endearing dialogue and puppets to bring it to life, children feel the importance of sibling support. The Owl Babies huddle, convincing each other of their mother’s well being and safe return.
  • With darkness all around, this book ignites interest in other nocturnal animals and habits.
  • With its repetitive words and phrases, it is a perfect emergent reader choice.
  • So many punctuation marks to point out - periods, exclamation points, question marks, dashes, commas, apostrophe’s and even parentheses.
  • Children love retelling this one and, of course, reflecting their own feelings and fears.
  • Use a white pompom or cotton ball as a sensory token and watch little learners soothe themselves through this very emotional story.

Finger puppets and prop for: Owl Babies

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