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  • Meet these two googly-eyed earthworms, Wiggle and Waggle, who are best friends. They’re  spunky, comical and good-natured role models for everyone. They face many challenges and overcome them with cooperation, determination, hard work, humor and singing!  
  • Introduce the importance of worms for our soil, gardens and earth!
  • Try keeping the two puppets on your fingers while you hold the book and act out earthworm movements and antics for each of the 5 short chapters.    
  • Read one chapter a day for the younger crowd.
  • See Resources for all the STEM content found in this book!
  • Full of rich vocabulary for language development.
  • Highlights team work, cooperation and the value of a job well done for social-emotional development.
  • Includes their own song lyrics and music.
  • Read it every spring because the learning never ends with these adorable soil engineers!

Finger Puppets and Book for: Wiggle & Waggle

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  • PRINT Resource Pages HERE *Some Spanish included

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