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Finger Puppets

  • Made in the USA.

  • Measure 3" - 5"!

  • Work on fingers and felt boards!

  • Are durable, colorful and realistically adorable.

  • Are made of the highest quality wool/rayon or bamboo felts - all renewable, eco-friendly fabrics.

  • Are paired with content-rich rhymes, fingerplays, songs (free to download) and books (available for purchase). 

  • Are used singularly or in multiples for endless possibilities building literacy, math, science, and visual/performing arts skills.

  • Are perfect for teaching new or dual language learners of all ages.

  • Make story time, circle time & educational storytelling more engaging, interactive & memorable for all learners, typical and diverse.

  • From a child’s perspective, they add depth, wonder, excitement and fun to everyday learning.

  • From an educator’s perspective - they provide a visual and tactile means to heighten engagement, increase attention/retention, raise comprehension levels and create social-emotional connections throughout the learning day!

  • From a therapeutic perspective - they mitigate shyness, elicit verbal responses, offer tactile input and inspire creative problem solving.

  • From a research-based perspective- they encourage learners to participate, offer an avenue for one-on-one interaction, provide conditions in which children feel safe and included allowing them to access their executive functions.

  • Warning! Using felt puppets can lead to a day full of problem solving, self regulation and creativity!

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